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Riverview Bathroom Cabinet Refacing
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Riverview Bathroom Cabinet Refacing

Looking for experts to breathe new life into your dull and outdated bathroom cabinets? Tampa Cabinet Refinishing is your reliable provider of Riverview bathroom cabinet refacing services!

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We have years of experience helping homeowners achieve their dream bathroom space with attractive, long-lasting, and budget-friendly cabinet refacing services. Our process is ideal for those who want to facelift their bathrooms but don’t have the budget for a full renovation.

After our on-site evaluation, we can give you an accurate estimate of the cost and timeline for the amount of work you want to get done. However, refacing is only recommended if your cabinets are functional with sturdy frames and boxes. Cabinet refacing can only address physical appearance issues such as peeling, dents, chips, and undesirable designs.

From classic finishes to more modern or eccentric styles, you can accomplish the visual transformation you aim for with our swift and affordable cabinet refacing service!

Call Tampa Cabinet Refinishing at (813) 491-8583 for your Free Consultation with a Riverview Bathroom Cabinet Refacing expert!

What is Better: Refacing or Replacement?

Bathroom cabinets are not cheap, especially if you have a wide area to cover. If you’re going through a renovation, know that you don’t necessarily have to replace your cabinets to get the aesthetics you want for your bathroom.

Tampa Cabinet Refinishing offers our Riverview bathroom cabinet refacing service as an alternative to complete replacement. It has a couple of advantages that make it a more appealing option for homeowners:

Reduced cost – Cabinet refacing can save up to 80% of the cost of complete cabinet replacement! Instead of paying for new cabinet installations—which incur more materials and labor costs—refacing will only require new surface layers, cabinet doors, and hardware.

Quicker process – The whole project will be finished in less time compared to how long replacements take. This means you can use your bathroom again soon but with a much more pleasing experience this time.

Moreover, our bathroom cabinet refacing service comes with the option for additional boxes and drawers. We’ll help maximize your space so you can have the much-needed extra storage.

So, to answer the question: Which is better, cabinet refacing or replacement? It will depend on the current condition of your cabinets. If they’re still in good shape other than a displeasing appearance, refacing is your best bet. However, if extensive damage is present, replacement might be your only option.

Efficient Cabinets All the Time

The visual appeal of your cabinets is not the only thing you should be concerned about. Our Riverview bathroom cabinet refacing experts can also help you assess your needs so you can add other modifications to upgrade your cabinet’s functionality.

Riverview Bathroom Cabinet Refacing iStock 1311583923 300x225This way, your bathroom time will be more relaxing and pleasing—no more frustrations about searching for things or trouble reaching certain products.

Included in our available cabinet organization solutions are the following:

  • Built-in Trash Containers
  • Pull-out Base Organizers
  • Soft Close Pull-Out Shelving
  • Under Sink Organizers
  • Drawer Organizers & Inserts
  • Upper Cabinet Organizers

Getting all the features that can make your bathroom routine more convenient will not only make your home life more enjoyable but can also significantly increase your house’s resale value. Truly a win-win!

Free Consultation Available

If you want to change things up in your bathroom and make it more suitable to your preferred style, you can always trust our Riverview, FL cabinet company!

Espresso LogoWe execute a meticulous cabinet refacing service that will maximize your budget as best as possible. Our materials will have the highest quality that fits your budget and will be properly installed by our cabinet experts.

Talk to us about your dream bathroom design, and we’ll do our best to transform your cabinets accordingly!

Call Tampa Cabinet Refinishing at (813) 491-8583 for your Free Consultation with a Riverview Bathroom Cabinet Refacing expert!